Meet our Ritual players competing this summer!

By Sabbie Heesh

With all countries having announced their selection for the pinnacle of hockey this summer, we wanted to inspire you by sharing stories of some of our top players who will be competing for their respective countries.

Meet some of our players and learn how they got to where they are today and who inspired them along the way.


Georgina Oliva

Gigi loves to compete. Hockey is her passion, it is healthy, the atmosphere is incredible and she has shared many experiences with her friends. Gigi's father, sister and brother all inspired her to play hockey- especially her brother Roc, who was always playing at home. Roc is a member of the Spanish mens team who will also compete this summer. International hockey is in Gigi's blood! 

Gigi can't wait to compete against the worlds best teams again and of course use her new Ultra Revolution!



Zach Wallace

Zach plays hockey for 2 reasons. Firstly, he loves the relationships you make through playing and secondly he loves to win. Zach has always been so competitive; winning gold medals and being the best he can be is what drives him to be better each day. 

Zach has his dad to thank for inspiring him to play hockey. As a kid Zach would go and watch him play every weekend and like many young boys he just wanted to be like him!  Zach is looking forward to showing what Great Britain can do as a team on the world stage. 



Steph Kershaw

Steph plays hockey for the challenge, for the highs and lows that you can only get with sport and because she feels like she is part of something bigger than herself, her team and her teams legacy. Both of Steph's parents inspired her to play hockey. Her dad was an amazing player himself and introduced me to hockey and Steph's mum encouraged her to work hard and to chase her dreams. 

Steph can't wait to step on the field for the first game and to represent Team Australia at the highest level.


Jonas de Geus

Jonas was inspired to play hockey by his older brother. He wanted to follow in his footsteps. Jonas now competes at the highest level for The Netherlands. He has fallen in love with the fast and intense game, making lifelong friendships along the way. 

Jonas can’t wait for the tournament this summer, he knows it’s the greatest sporting event out there and he is very much looking forward to taking the field in Japan.


Emi Nishikori

Emi, who will be competing at her second games this summer first came across hockey in elementary school. She thought hockey looked interesting so gave it a go.

She now plays for Coca-Cola Red Sparks in Japan's top league as well competing internationally. She was an integral member to Japan in 2018 helping her side win the Asian Games.



 Kelsey Smith

Growing up, Kelsey played every sport she could. She loved football but just by chance she fell into hockey. Her school team needed some extra players and Kelsey helped out. Since that day she has never stopped playing hockey, she enjoys the competitiveness of the game, the interesting skills and ultimately she loves playing with friends.

Kelsey is now an integral member of the Blacksticks, who will compete at the pinnacle of hockey later this month. Kelsey is looking forward to competing this summer, she feels like she has been waiting forever for the tournament to come around.


All Selected Ritual Players


Zach Wallace (Great Britain)
David Alegre (Spain)
Xavi Lleonart (Spain)
Llorenç Piera (Spain)*
Jonas de Geus (The Netherlands)
Justen Blok (The Netherlands)*
Diego Paz (Argentina)
Josh Beltz (Australia)*
Taine Paton (South Africa)
Sean Findlay (New Zealand)
Kazuma Murata (Japan)


Georgina Oliva (Spain)
Begona Garcia (Spain)
Patricia Alvarez (Spain)
Sabbie Heesh (Great Britain)*
Stella van Gils (The Netherlands)*
Poy Toccalino (Argentina)
Steph Kershaw (Australia)
Kelsey Smith (New Zealand)
Katie Doar (New Zealand)
Yu Asai (Japan)
Emi Nishikori (Japan)
Kaho Tanaka (Japan)
Michelle Carey (Ireland)*

* Accredited reserve athletes

Competition Dates: 24th July- 6th August 

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