Writing from the field

Ultra v's Specialist

Whats the difference between the Ultra and the Specialist  mould? 

2017 Field Hockey Rules Book

Download the new 2017 FIH Field Hockey Rule Book.

A day on a plate of a Hockey player!

In light of the totally awesome new Ritual drink bottle, it seems like the perfect opportunity to share with you my day on a plate. By Anna Flanagan

What’s it like to train with Jamie Dwyer and Mark Knowles

The past few days I have been in Perth training with the Kookuburra men who did not go to the Champions Trophy.

What's Anna Flanagan's Ritual?

I wanted to give you a little insight into my Ritual hockey stick and what specifications suit how I play. If you have ever watched me play you will know I am a defender who likes to attack with both run and pass, but also specialize in drag flicking.

Anna Flanagan Signs With Ritual!

For those that do not know me my name is Anna Flanagan and I have been a member of the Hockeyroos for seven years now! I am so stoked to have signed with Ritual this year leading into the Rio Olympics and beyond. Although I have already been to the London Olympics my dream is to win a gold medal in Rio as well as Tokyo and whatever comes next.

Over 170,000 Likes on Facebook

Ellen Hoog, one of the biggest stars in women’s hockey, has been called the 'player of the year' by FIH. Off the field, she has grown to be a social celebrity!

Indoor Hockey Rule Changes for 2016

The FIH has announced six rule changes to Indoor Hockey following approval by the FIH Executive Board for season 2016.

Ellen Hoog: Hockey's pinup girl ready to shine at Rio Olympics

You could say Ellen Hoog is the model sportswoman. As the star of the Dutch women's field hockey side, the 29-year-old has enjoyed a near perfect career.

2015 Field Hockey Rules Book

They are available for worldwide adoption and effective at international level from 1st January 2015.  The two Rule changes are as follows:

4 Tips for Surviving the Hockey World Cup Finals with Your Sanity Intact

If you’re one of the lucky ones heading to the Rabobank Hockey World Cup 2014 finals this weekend, you’re probably beside yourself with excitement – it’s the most anticipated hockey event of the year!

ONLY IN INDIA - By Glenn Simpson

The Hero Hockey India League is now done and the dust has settled. It felt like an appropriate time to take a light hearted look at our time in India. Every day is fast paced, dynamic and even a little crazy in India. We realised this early in our trip and coined the term 'only in India' when we saw something we had never seen before (it happens daily)! Here is a bit of a list;

Video: featuring Indian hockey player Yuvraj Walmiki

This great video shows the dedication & discipline of rising Indian Hockey Star Yuvraj Walmiki. Check out Yuvi's hockey skills filmed on the streets of Mumbai.

Video: The Project, featuring Santi Freixa

Filmed on location in Pakistan & Holland. A behind the scenes look at the hand crafting of our sticks. Featuring Santi Freixa

From shanty to stardom

Here at Ritual we are excited to welcome aboard Indian International player Yuvraj Walmiki! Yuvi is the latest elite athlete to join Ritual and we are especially proud to be working with such a passionate and driven individual.

Yuvi spent his childhood living in a shanty in Mumbai without electricity or running water.....