Ellen Test


Ellen Test


Position Forward

Dutch National Amsterdamsche


1.64 M / 5 ft 4.5 in


March 26, 1986

Bloemendaal, Netherlands

Recent Highlights

  • World Cup Best Player 2014
  • World Cup Champion 2014
  • Dutch National Champion 2013
  • Olympic Gold Medalist 2012

Notes from the field

Hi my name is Ellen and I play as a forward for my club AH&BC in Amstelveen. I’ve also played with the Dutch National Team since 2004. My teammates call me El or Ellie and when I’m not playing hockey I like to go shopping, cook with friends, watch movies and be with family. I was born in Overveen, the Netherlands and at the age of 7 I started playing field hockey at SCHC in Bilthoven. In 2004, aged 17, I made my debut in the Dutch National Team during the Champions Trophy in Rosario, Argentina. I’ve played 150 international matches and scored 36 goals so far. My favourite skill is playing backhand.

Ellen's Ritual

I only have two pregame rituals: 1. Before each match I first put on my right shin guard and then my left. 2. Before the start of a big tournament and before each final, together with some of my teammates, we watch the movie The Notebook.