Joep Troost

The Netherlands

Joep Troost

The Netherlands

Country The Netherlands


DOB 21st August, 2000


Dutch National Team

Ritual Stick

Finesse 95

Career Highlights

  • Silver Medal FIH Indoor World Cup 2023
  • Senior International Debut 2023
  • Pro League Appearance 2023

Notes from the field

I started playing hockey at 5 years old. I first played at Qui Vive and Pinoké and then switched to Almere HC. I am now back again at the old nest Pinoké, the current national champion, to play in the “Hoofdklasse”. My interests outside of hockey are mainly sports such as tennis, padel, skiing. This year I completed my marketing and communication course (House of Business) and I am now searching for a job opportunity which can be combined well with my hockey career.

Joep's Ritual

I don't have a pre game ritual.