Stella van Gils


Stella van Gils


Country Netherlands


DOB 4th June, 1999


Pinoké HC

Ritual Stick

Revolution Ultra

Career Highlights

  • Gold Medal Europeans 2021
  • Pro League Winner 2021
  • Hoofdklasse Promotion with Pinoké

Notes from the field

Hi! I am Stella and I started playing hockey when I was 6 years old at Pinoké HC- which is why I still play today. Three years ago we got promoted to the Hoofdklasse after playing in the Overgangsklasse for one season. I currently live in Amsterdam with two friends and I am studying Dentistry at ACTA (in Amsterdam). When I am not playing hockey I like to hang out with friends and have a coffee.

Stella's Ritual

Drinking a cup of coffee with my teammates and eating a banana.