Nico Alvarez


Nico Alvarez


Country Spain


DOB 4th January, 2003

Real Sociedad de Tenis

Spanish National Team

Ritual Stick

Velocity 95 +

Career Highlights

  • International Senior debut, February 2024
  • Bronze Medal U21 World Cup 2023
  • Winners U16 IV Nations

Notes from the field

Field hockey is very popular in sport in my family, my grandfather played and my father also played internationally for Spain. My older brothers also play and at international level to, it runs in the family. Both of my brothers coached me when I was young and that's how I knew I wanted to play field hockey. I liked football a lot too but because my family played hockey I choose to that route. Aside from hockey, I study psychology and perhaps this is where my future after hockey lies.

Nico's Ritual

I'm not a person who has a lot of routines before games, but I do always put on my left shoe first and then my left shin guard.