What's Anna Flanagan's Ritual?

By Booster Apps

Hey guys,

I wanted to give you a little insight into my Ritual hockey stick and what specifications suit how I play. If you have ever watched me play you will know I am a defender who likes to attack with both run and pass, but also specialize in drag flicking.

Here is a brief insight into the elite Ritual Range, for more details browse the Ritual website.


The stick made for dynamic players, with a late curve design perfect for 3D skills and drag flicking. For players looking for an edge in their game this stick helps deceptive slap hitting and ball control that is enhanced by the silica face coating and center weighted head.


A women’s stick with an ultra light design for comfort to enhance play. It has a thinner handle for those with smaller hands, a mid bow and the same shaft size as the other sticks in the Ritual range.


This is the ultimate drag flicking stick in the ritual range. Shaped to the maximum allowed specifications for flicking power, it has an even swing weight so feels great in the hands when flicking.


This high performance stick is suited to more upright players looking for a traditional style and mid curve. It features a more rectangular side for increased power with a larger hitting zone.

Now you have some information on the sticks that elite players are looking for, I will share with you my choice of stick. It has generated some attention that my stick design is not that of the the Specialist drag flicking stick, but instead the design of the Finesse. However, my stick is most like the Specialist in design, however it is custom made specifically for my style of play. Although sticks can be designed to enhance specific qualities of players, it comes down to what suits you as an individual. I personally like the feeling of my stick because it is light-weight that helps with flicking, but, enables other passing options when performing correct technique. I add two extra grips on top to increase the width of the handle because I have bigger hands. As I aim to be an all round player I prefer a stick that is not purely for. For players who do not need to get the ball off the ground as much, I would recommend the Response as it has more of a traditional shape, or if you want to add another element to your game with a bit of curve in the bow try out the Velocity. It all comes down to individual preference. I also have a stick that is 38.5inches long. This is to help with reach in the tackle and power when hitting/ slapping. It did take some getting used to because I previously used a 37.5inch stick before London, but being a taller player at almost 6 foot it is an added advantage having the extra length.

I hope this small rundown can help you find your perfect stick, with some of the best in the world using Ritual, I am sure you will find the one that is perfect for you!

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