Quico Cortes, 300 not out!

By Sabbie Heesh

Francisco Cortes, known by many as Quico Cortes, is Spain’s number one goalkeeper. Earlier this year, Quico reached 300 international caps for Spain—a milestone many players never get to see. The 37-year-old goalkeeper from the small region of Terrassa in Spain has dedicated most of his hockey career to Club Egara (apart from one season in Holland, for Dutch side HC Den Bosch in 2012-13), and it’s no coincidence that Club Egara has remained one of the most powerful Spanish clubs during this time.

Quico began his international career for Spain over a decade ago. Since then he’s remained Spain’s number one player, dominating in three Olympic Games (2008, 2012, 2016), with a fourth (Tokyo 2021) firmly in sight. Perhaps Quico’s most notable Olympics was Beijing, in 2008, where Spain won a silver medal. Quico was also part of the Spanish team that took home gold in both the 2003 Champions Challenge and 2004 Champions Trophy, and then Silver in both the 2007 European Championships and the 2011 Champions Challenge.

Quico just seems to be getting better with age, like a fine Spanish Tempranillo, and more recently played a fundamental role for the national team, helping Spain take out a well-deserved Silver Medal at the 2019 European Championships. Following this hugely successful year between the posts, Quico was nominated for the FIH Goalkeeper of the Year Award—a fitting way to end the season.

Hear what two of Quico’s Spanish teammates—Jordi Carrera and Xavi Lleonart—have to say about the Spanish legend’s career.

"Quico is an outstanding GK, he shows his talent in every single game and training session. But his strength is his motivation to improve even when he is 35 and at the end of his athlete career. He's a reference and a model to be a top hockey player for the youngsters but even for the old teammates who train with him every dayXavi LLeonart

"From 6 years old we have been friends and long time team mates, and there have been lots of funny moments over the years...but it is time to congratulate Quico's effort, resilience, perseverance and strong mentality! Quico is a headache for all the goalie coaches, he always wants more and is the perfect goalie to have in a team!! Congrats bro you are a legend! Jordi Carrera 

Some of you might be wondering why we’ve written a blog about Quico. Sure, he’s not an official Ritual player, but he’s a good friend of the brand, with a track record that deserves serious recognition.


Sabbie Heesh


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