Kiran Arunasalam

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Ritual Hockey - Athlete: Kiran Arunasalam

Kiran's Ritual

I like to drink coffee and listen to music it allows me to tune in before I play.

Position Teams Height Born Recent Highlights

Australia National

Doncaster Hockey Club

1.66 M

5 ft 4 in

July 1, 1995


  • 4th Place at Junior World Cup 2016 Luknow
  • Kookaburras Selection 2017 

Notes from the field

My name is Kiran Arunasalam (also know as Kiz or Yung Garlic) and I have just recently joined the Kookaburras squad. I am 21 years old and I currently play for Doncaster Hockey Club alongside the international team. I made my international debut for the Kookaburras in March 2017 in Darwin. My life outside of hockey consists of music and sneakers. I would also like to set up my own small cafe at some point in the future.

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