Kate Gillis

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Ritual Hockey - Athlete: Kate Gillis

Kate's Ritual

I like to grab a coffee about 3 hours before the game and drink it while I get my hair braided – look good, feel good! I lay out my uniform and everything I need for the game and get ready pretty early. Once we have arrived, dancing and singing in the change room with my teammates is a must! Coffee gives me a jolt of energy and I need my hair to be tight and secure so I don’t have to deal with it while I’m playing, so braiding is the best option. Being totally prepared for the game and getting ready early puts my mind at ease and I like to let off some steam and make connections with my teammates in the change room…What better way than a big dance party and sign-a-long? And not to brag, but we have some pretty incredible dance moves and singing voices

Position Teams Height Born Recent Highlights

Canada National 

West Vancouver HC

1.52 M

5 ft 9 in

August 14, 1989

Toronto Canada

  • Named in the Pan American Elite Team 2013
  • Pan American Bronze Medal 2015

Notes from the field

Hey my name is Kate Wright (Gillis) I have been playing on the Canadian senior team for the past 10 years. I played my first game in Vancouver against Chile in 2007 and I currently have 159 caps. I picked up my first field hockey stick when I was in grade 9, at the age of 14 and I have never looked back. I joined the Canadian Program when I was 17 and I played my first game for Canada that year.  I have been fortunate to compete in multiple major games including two Commonwealth games (2010 and 2014) and two Pan American games (2011 and 2015).   Ever since I was a little girl, I have played every sport under the sun, so my life outside of hockey has always been sports focused. I love playing ice hockey, travelling, and eating good food! Field hockey is such a big part of my life, allowing me to travel the world while I represent my country and play the sport I love. It also led me to meet some pretty amazing people, including my husband who played for the Canadian men’s team.

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