Georgina Oliva

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Ritual Hockey - Athlete: Georgina Oliva

Georgina's Ritual

My pre game Ritual is to shower, have a good breakfast and listen to music. It helps a lot!!!

Position Teams Height Born Recent Highlights

Spanish National

SV Kampong 

1.56 M

5 ft 12 in

July 16, 1990

Barcelona, Spain

  • Olympic Qualification Rio 2016 
  • Europeans 2016 Fourth place

Notes from the field

I’m Gigi and I’m a midfielder from Spain. I started to play hockey because my father was a hockey player as well.  I have been a member of the Spanish international side for 10 years and I have achieved over 150 international caps. My international debut was in 2006 at the World Championships in Madrid. Outside of hockey I study, travel and take part in other sports. 

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