Floris van der Linden

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Ritual Hockey - Athlete: Floris van der Linden

Floris's Ritual

On game days I wake up, drink 2 glasses of water and will meditate for 20 minutes which imcreases my focus and awareness. After that, I usually have time to read a book, watch some clips of the opponents and prepare myself mentally for the game. In the mean time I will have had my breakfast (yoghurt with muesli) and my freshly made juice.  These moments help me to get my mind into a relaxing state. 3.5 hours before my game I go outside for a run, do some little sprints and stretching. The running helps me to get my body into fight mode and it is a good moment to feel my legs. After that I eat pasta or a really big French baguette with eggs. Athletes need a big meal to get all the energy in. At the club we have our last team meeting, get ourselves ready for the game and go outside together. As a captain, I always say something to our team just before the game. Then it is time to play!

Position Teams Height Born Recent Highlights
Defender HGC Hockey Club

1.84 M

6 ft 0 in

October 15, 1988

Montgomery, PA (USA)

  • 42 Dutch Senior Caps
  • Hoofdklasse Play Off's with HGC 2015-2016
  • World Cup Silver Medalist 2014

Notes from the field

I’m Floris van der Linden but have many nicknames: Linden, Mr Positive, Captain Buddha. I currently have 42 international caps and my international debut was on 14 February (Valentine’s day) in Perth, Australia against Argentina (won 5-2). I was the first international to make his debut on a blue pitch. I started my career in Belgium (I grew up there) at La Gantoise (Ghent). At the age of 18 I moved to Beerschot (Antwerp, Belgium) and played there for one year before moving to HGC (2007-now).  I played for all the youth team of Belgium (U16, U18, U21) and even played 3 unofficial caps for the Belgian team.

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