Kelsey Smith

New Zealand

Kelsey Smith

New Zealand

Country New Zealand


DOB 11th August, 1994

New Zealand Black Sticks

Ritual Stick

Ultra 95

Career Highlights

  • Rio Olympics 2016
  • Gold Medal Commonwealth Games 2018

Notes from the field

I started playing when I was 5 as all my friends and my parents and their friends played. I then quit for a while and played football and basketball, but my friend needed more players in her team in the Year 7 school team. So, I decided to fill in and have played ever since. My family has always been into sport, so I played a variety up until I was about 16 when I specifically chose hockey (I tore my ACL playing football, so vouched to never play that again and was too short for basketball). I made the U18 Tiger turf team at 16 and then the next year the U21 Junior Blacksticks. I was 21 when I debuted for the Blacksticks. I currently live in Auckland with my partner and our little dog Tommy (miniature schnauzer). I have a Business Degree from Massey Uni and have also just completed my Personal Training course.

Kelsey's Ritual

No pre-game rituals apart from my morning coffee & walk. I go with the flow and just get the feel of vibes from the team!