The Specialist mould has been upgraded!

By Sabbie Heesh

As you may be aware we have recently launched our new 2017/18 range of sticks, but whats new?

You'll see updated graphics on each of our sticks, but you'll also notice a change to our Specialist mould shape.

As a result of testing and feedback from our international players we've made a few upgrades. We've removed the groove and made the bow point more concentrated.  By reducing the length of the bow, the angle of the face is increased, which assists with drag flicking and controlling aggressive 3D skills. The base of the head also has more of an ultra thin, angled taper to give greater accuracy and speed. You can get hold of these right now online or have a tap around with one next time you are in your local hockey shop.

We caught up with a number of our sponsored players who use the Specialist 95 stick, Tanguy Cosyns and Shea McAleese to see what they think of the new design.

Tanguy Cosyns- Belgium International

"The shape is significantly different than before. The new Specialist mould is slightly thinner and the more concentrated bow position assists with my drag flicks. The overall finish of the stick and the new Chamois/ Zeem Grips used are subtle but great improvements."

Shea McAleese- New Zealand International

"The new Specialist mould is fantastic. The feel on the ball is great and I have improved my game and control significantly since switching to the new Specialist mould. I couldn't speak more highly of this and recommend the Specialist stick to everyone"

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